Whew! Another bear of a commute today; traffic outside of Charlotte was backed up from an accident. I’m dog tired, but I wanted to get out another episode and get back in the thick of things! I told Chiaki how emotional the story of his co-dogwalker made me, and expressed my enjoyment of Mark’s audio drama, “Note to self at age 7”.


Mark the encaffeinated one — Note to self at age 7: http://encaffeinated.ca/ddop-2016-20-note-to-self-at-age-7/
#BeerOfTheMoment — Rivertown Soulless Scarlet Sour Ale: https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/22157/163815/

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2 thoughts on “KAZ: Episode 151

  1. Nah. Just one of those “I’m tired of being in the car” things. Most of the time I’m fine, but both days tacked about an extra 90m onto the trip, Wednesday afternoon was generally hectic, and I slept poorly Wednesday night. Driving six hours in rain and stop-and-go traffic is much different then four and a-half when you’re cruising.

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