Woohoo….I made it! Today got a little out of sorts; I needed to make some changes to my podcatcher to prioritize DDOP. Changes that I already discussed on the DDOP Facebook group, but I didn’t actually implement. Doh! Thankfully, I managed to manually download enough of the Dog Days podcasts that I had something to reply to! Sunday will be better. 🙂


Hiddennode: http://www.hiddennode.com/episodes/dog-days-of-podcasting-02-elfpunk-married-to-cyberpunk/
Evil Genius Chronicles: http://evilgeniuschronicles.org/2016/08/05/evil-genius-chronicles-ddop-2016-day-2/
Nutty Bites: http://nimlas.org/blog/nuttybites/nutty-bites-ghostbusters-ghost-pepper-chili-dog-days-of-podcasting/

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