Day 3 of DDOP! My pre-scheduling of podcasts is going well and in fact continuing. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with all of the DDOP episodes, and I reflect on the notion of First Wave podcasters mentioned by David Jacobs on the Lavender Pony Show. I also express excitement about the theme of Justin Diehl’s Hiddennode. Good times! I look forward to continuing a back and forth with other DDOPers!

I threw a link to a couple of my old podcasts in…my first podcast, Walking to *$, and then also Episode 1 of KAZ. I will *not* be putting them in the feed, though. I listened to them. Ow.


J Samuel Diehl’s Hiddennode:
David Jacobs’ Lavender Pony Show :
My original podcast, Walking to *$:
Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone, Episode 1 (relive the memories):

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