Ugh….I can’t believe it, but I just lost track of the Dog Days because of two GOP debates and Jon Stewarts’s last Daily Show. It’s not a good excuse, but it is what it is. I profusely apologize, and plan for better days.

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2 thoughts on “KAZ: Episode 95

  1. Profusely apologizing is a label applied after the fact of profusely apologizing. Saying you profusely apologize is like standing while saying I’m begging you. I’m on my knees. And the eye rolling and name calling will be ignored. 🙂

  2. Well, a) I was applying the label in the description of the podcast, after I had completed it, and b) feh, I didn’t really profusely apologize anyway. I was tired, and trying to slam something into the summary field. It was more of a long rambling story about what happened (surprise surprise!), and then a “So…sorry about that, folks.” LOLBut nevertheless, I appreciate the grammar lesson!! Corrections appreciated. *grin* 

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