A busy lunch today; I’m hacking on my website. I’m working on enabling POSSE (Publish Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere), an IndieWeb publishing model that I’ve read about for some time, but I haven’t taken the time to wrangle with. POSSE allows me to initiate my writing here, on my own site, and a) simultaneously publish to Facebook, Twitter, etc. plus b) poll those external sites and retrieve the comments, likes, reshares, etc. and publish them here.

That’s fantastic…I much prefer to write here at my personal site, but getting interactions here on “the old blogger’s Web” is way more difficult than just dropping a few lines into Facebook and seeing them get 5 or 6 likes in an hour. With POSSE enabled, all the Social Web interaction will get pulled back to my site as well, which is pretty cool.

I’ve been inspired by Dave Slusher and Thomas Gideon in this regard. Both of them have jumped through the hoops required to make this thing work, and I’ve got tabs open to both of their sites right now — they very helpfully detailed the process, and I’ll do the same once everything is complete. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works!

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