Earlier today, I published a post about getting POSSE working on my blog; in effect, a way to publish at kenzoid.com directly, but syndicate both the posts (to facebook, g+, etc.) and the responses (*from* facebook, g+, back to my blog). It’s been a learning experience, and very interesting. I’m most of the way there, I think, but the bridging plugin that I’m using to share *to* the Social Web has a hangup; you can’t use it to “reshare” something that has already been published. Like, for example, the test post I made earlier today. *sigh* So I’m just writing this up real quick to be my first test post…let’s see how it goes!

(Inside baseball note to other POSSE-folk: I’m currently using Jetpack vs. SNAP, because I don’t want to turn off 2 factor authentication for G+. I’m going to see what the Jetpack posts looks like; if I don’t like the format, I may turn on SNAP for everything *but* G+. After all, why use only one plugin when I can use two and make things even more complicated! LOL)

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