More sad news; I should post more than podcasts and RIPs here, I’m thinking. Our black lab Toby had to be put to sleep yesterday. It happened very fast; the photo shown here was from only 8 days before his last. He was going to the vet, because we were a little concerned than he had become very picky with his eating, and was having just the smallest amount of trouble with his hips. The vet found very little that day, but things progressed quickly. We had to make that difficult pet owner’s choice yesterday, and keep things from getting worse. He wasn’t in pain, but he was confused, and things weren’t getting better.

We love you, Toby, and we miss you terribly. You were the sweetest dog I’ve ever had the fortune to have in my life. Thank you for accepting me so generously into your family. Thank you for taking me on those walks this past week; I wish I had thought to take more pictures of them. Thank you for being good to the kittens, and sharing your home with them. I will never ever forget you.


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