I’ve given my music purchasing a pause; Amie Street has closed. They were basically folded into Amazon’s music site (Amazon had been an investor in Amie Street). I’m bummed…it was a great site, with a cool twist and a lot of promise. Usually my first choice when looking for new music. Oh well…

Since I’m starting from scratch, as it were, I decided to give some of the music streaming sites a try. These are the jukebox in the sky services like Napster, RDIO, Grooveshark, Rhapsody, and MOG. I decided to give MOG a try for starters. No real reason to pick it, other than I know it has a decent Android client (that allows offline access to downloaded music). Oh, and it does have a Roku channel, which is cool. So I have lots of options.

Been using it for about a week; still trying to decide if I will keep it after the free trial.

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