H.P. Lovecat

Yes, folks, that’s H.P. …Lovecat! AWESOME. Courtesy of Chet Phillips Illustration and his Literary Pets collection, Lovecat graces the wall just outside my bedroom. I love it.

Chet Phillips does some great frame-able artwork and trading card sets, primarily of animals; dogs, cats…even Sinister Simians!

Mercurial Goodecurdle, Inventor, of the Society of Sinister Simians

I love Chet’s stuff, and the prices are very reasonable. I look forward to his updates when he releases a new series…there’s always something I want. You can also find his work in online quizzes, calendars, and other fun places. This art rocks.

Addendum: yes, my photography skills are terrible, and in no way do these illustrations justice. I’ll try to take better photos and update, but in the meantime, links below to the Chetart Etsy store gives a MUCH better idea. Just a couple clicks there and you can purchase your own!

H.P. Lovecat

Mercurial Goodecurdle

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