I’ve (mostly) stayed out of direct political discussion during the primary period; though I’ve made notes to myself in my outboard brain. Not that I’m secretive about my political views…but the general election is really the place where one makes their case to everyone. So I’m planning some discussions of who I’m voting for, and why, because I think it’s important to talk this stuff out. We all say our minds won’t change…but sometimes they do. I’m an existence proof of that! *grin*

A good starting point, I think, is Doc Searl’s post Meet the new boss, nothing like the old boss, which discusses and links to a post by Dave Winer: Blow up the Beltway. Both of them make excellent points that I hope we take to heart this election year. I hope BOTH parties take this opportunity to blow up the Beltway, shake things up, point off-site, and try some new ideas on for size. Here’s to hoping.

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