Court gives detainees habeas rights – Wow. Joy. Awesome.

I realize this freaks a lot of people out and makes them see red…but really, this is right the right thing to do. It doesn’t mean that bad people go free. It means bad people get a trial, and then (if guilty) punished…which is the bedrock, the very foundation on which our freedoms rest. You can muddy the waters all you want with danger to the troups, and people will die, and whatever protestations you want. But when you hit rock bottom, our Constitution doesn’t say do whatever it takes to keep people safe. It, in fact, constrains the government’s ability to arbitrarily defend you, in order to preserve the more basic rights. Without freedom, you don’t have anything. Without law, you don’t have freedom. You just have to hope you stay on the King’s good side.

Thanks very much to all the groups and people that worked so hard to argue this. Don’t forget to support them. And don’t forget…our next President will very likely replace some of the Justices that voted in the majority in this decision. In my opinion, SCOTUS appointments are probably the single most important thing to consider in upcoming election. (Note: I didn’t say the only thing; I said single most important thing. *grin*)

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