In a romp around Wikipedia this evening, I bumped into a link to an really nice interview with Jo Walton, the author of the books Farthing and Ha’penny (among others) that I’ve ranted so much about recently. The interview requires a subscription to The Internet Review of Science Fiction, but they have a Casual level that is free as in beer. Note: I think they’re probably worth an actual paid subscription, though. Looks pretty nice. I like SF review and commentary, and I think I can live w/ $15-25. *grin* (I say, I say…that’s a joke, for those missing it. Good writing makes 15 bucks look WAY cheap. This is a bargain.)

The interview is well worth reading. Jo Walton gives a great description of the background for Farthing, and I have even more respect for her now, as I hadn’t realized she was the instigator of
International Pixel-Stained Peasant’s Day. She has a lively discussion of the implications of said day with the interviewer as well. All in all, an excellent read.

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