I, like many geeky computer types, am addicted to caffeine. I’ve tried to wean myself off of it more than once…but it’s not pleasant. For me, or for those around me. So a few years ago, I gave up on giving it up, and just embraced the addiction.

Unfortunately, all was still not well. The flaw is the morning; I am simply not fit to be around until I’m at least somewhat caffeinated, but I don’t make coffee at home before I leave. So my co-workers…well, they put up with a very, very difficult to deal with Ken. I feel bad about it, but what to do? I like my sleep!

I finally got a clue. This week, I started taking a caffeine pill immediately when I get up, and it is working great. I’m less cranky, feel better by the time I get to the office, and I’m less of a strain on my co-workers. Win-win! I was reluctant to do this for a long while; I had an…incident…with caffeine pills back in the early ’90s (there IS a lethal dose of caffeine, but I only got halfway there). So I’d been a little skittish. But I’m a big boy now; I think I can handle it. *grin*

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