I’ve been meaning to post my thoughts on the RIAA court win for a couple of days now, but it’s been a little hectic (among other things, PC is sick…looks like we’re getting ready for first replacement box in a LONG time!). My basic thought is that regardless of her apparent guilt, suing your customers for hundreds of thousands of dollars is a bad idea. My suggestion? Quit the RIAA: pick sharing friendly Creative Commons music, or even just just more enlightened sources like Magnatune, Sellaband, or Amie Street. Let ’em eat sand…you can’t sue people who don’t have any of your music for infringement.

Other than the new NIN album that I picked up on a lark recently (to try out Amazon’s new MP3 service, primarily), I haven’t bought major label in a couple of years. And in the past 6 months, I’ve actually started buying music again, from the smaller folks. There’s some good stuff out there!

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