Peter Watts has been one of my favorite writers for a couple of years now, since I started the Rifters trilogy and was immediately hooked. And his newest book, Blindsight is simply outstanding.

You can get almost everything of his via CC license at his website in the Backlist section. I keep all his novels on my Nokia 770 for quick reference; even the man’s endnotes are worthwhile…I have 2 books in my reading queue b/c of them.

Buy his books!! Blindsight is in print, as is a short story collection. The man is a genius; we must encourage him. (and the blog is well worth reading, too.)

Oh, yeah…my non-total fanboy point to this rant. I was poking about in his backlist section, and decided to read some of the Commentary stuff. The Hierarchy of Contempt is a must read for any fan of contemporary science fiction, and a telling quick analysis of the state of the genre today. It’s just a few pages…go knock it out!

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