Another one for my legions of local fans (ok…Lee and Andy); just FYI, I d/l the torrent of Done the Impossible, the fan documentary of the rise and fall (and rise and fall) of Firefly and Serenity. There’s a DVD coming out with much more content, but the producers released the main portion as a torrent. I finished downloading a bit ago; uncompressed, it’s slightly too
big for a CD-R, but I’m compressing it now, and I’ll stick it in my bag, if anyone’s interested.

UPDATE:OK, so I’m a dork. Funny how the video file didn’t…um….compress all that much. *sigh* I hear they do compression INSIDE those things. Fancy that. OK, I’ll have to burn ‘er to a DVD-R; give me the weekend to finish that up. I think I only have 1; I may need to go to Fry’s! (Ah, an excuse. Joy.)

link from P2P Blog

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