Well, at this point I had best not complain about lack of entertainment options for a LONG time. After perusing the website for a week or so, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on The Ship; an interesting Hunter-Killer style game set on a series of luxury art-deco style cruise ships. It’s fun stuff, and a welcome tweak to the genre.

And since the download was via Steam, I had several other games to ogle as I paged through the listings, purchase just a click away. I spend Saturday evening looking for an old CD-ROM to re-register a game through the site, and never found it. So I bit the bullet and spent $9.95 on the original Counterstrike! (not CS: Source; it’s probably pushing the limits of my Windows PC, resource wise. Plus it was $10 more, and I’m cheap. *grin*. Maybe later.) And as a bonus, you get the single-player Counterstrike: Condition Zero game as well. Not a bad deal for what I sometimes spend on lunch. And there are TONS and TONS of CS servers out there.

Boy, is Counterstrike bringing back some memories. I was NEVER any good, but I spent quite some time playing CS, I guess back around 2000-2002. It’s quick, easy, and fun. Loving it! So I have plenty to occupy my time. See ya on The Ship, or in CS! Drop me a comment if you want to hook up on a server sometime.

Oh…and does the Team Fortress 2 trailer look AWESOME, or what? Holy Frack. I probably spent even more time playing TFC back in the day. Pyros and Demomen rule!

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