WSJ (well, until the link rots, anyway): Senate Rejects Wiretapping Probe. *sigh* May we reap what we sow. And we will.

And just to clarify, I’m not trying to suggest anything ominous and terrorism-related with that comment at all. Far from it. What I mean is that, probably sooner than later, this whole it’s ok, it’s for the War on Terror, don’t worry about the whole civil liberties THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WHAT WE’RE DEFENDING ANYWAY thing will become not such A Good Idea as it seems now.

Some administration (maybe not this one; maybe not even this party; both of the major ones have lost their minds for the most part; just to varying degrees) will do something so obviously across the line that people will stand up and take notice. I only hope that it is indeed sooner than later. Otherwise, we’re gonna burn the village to the ground in order to save it. And I’ll have to think about getting my head frozen again, because I can’t handle 20 years of this in order to make it to the Singularity!

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