I love Netflix. And beyond the service itself, one of the things I’ve noticed lately is that I even love the UI of the Netflix site. A lot of the little tweaks they’ve done in the past few months have just rocked. For example, they went through the following progression:

  • easily adding a movie to your queue (nice)
  • adding the capability to easily move that movie straight to the top of the queue (sweet!)
  • adding a little mini-queue to the side of the screen, which includes the newly added movie (even if it’s at the bottom), and the top several movies. So now you can easily move it straight to, say, #4 of 53.(awesome!)

It’s this sort of seemingly little stuff (also including RSS feeds of your queue, popup hover previews, etc., etc.) that has really impressed me. And that’s not even counting the massive Long Tail of cool movies. Netflix rocks.

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