Damn. I actually planned a couple of weeks ago to bring some info from the Opensecrets up periodically and randomly. I thought it would be interesting to just stick your hands into the zipcode list, rustle around, grab one, and pick either the House member or a Senator related to that zip code.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I turned on C-SPAN2 today, and watched Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) discussing the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act. And I changed my mind. Here’s his info, and I will be reviewing it. Career Profile (since 1989) — Jeff Sessions. *sigh*

Go, Senator Byrd. And no, I’m still not a Democrat (go Blue Guy!); here’s Bryd’s OpenSecrets info, knock yourself out: Career Profile (since 1989) — Robert C. Byrd. But I’ve sat around and taken it as long as I can…way longer, in fact. I am tired of it.

I have plans to add topic tags to posts in the near future, which will allow those who want to filter to do so; feel free. See, I’m a nice guy! *grin*

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