After a long wait, all the pieces of the puzzle (kernel driver, Mesa libraries, OpenGL voodoo, X stuff) have all fallen into place, and I have accelerated 3D with my open-source video drivers! Yay! Thanks very much to all the folks at the r300 sourceforge project,, and the DRI project (and anyone else) who’ve made this work. It’s awesome, both functionally (hey…3d acceleration works!) and architecturally (they got this working for Radeon 9200+ cards with VERY little help from ATI).

Now there are some cool GPL’d 3D games I can play…some rendering/modeling tools that work much better now, and once the Second Life Linux client decloaks, I can play SL without rebooting. Plus, down the road, much of the eye candy being developed for various desktops relies on OpenGL. Which I now have on all platforms. Joy!

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