Having some fun today. Yucky weather, so I’m working on a couple of projects: the anygui version of my aforementioned multiGUI project, as well as more work with pyRAPI, in an effort to build my own sync tool via SynCE .

My ‘learn a bunch of new GUIs’ hackfest has been very enlightening. I’ve finished the wax frontend, and I’m working on anygui…I think I’ll hold off evaluations until I’m complete, though. It’s more valuable to look back and ponder (and re-visit my notes, of course). It’s a feel thing.

The Bluetooth and sync stuff is also fun, though! I recently got a HP iPAQ 1945 (anniversary gift!), and I’ve been exploring the possiblities of using, syncing, etc., without having to install Microsoft’s ActiveSync framework. And while I’m working with that, I might as well do it wireless…why not Bluetooth, eh? *grin*

Both Ed Dumbill (Debian Bluetooth packager, python developer, and all-around interesting blogger) and the SynCE project team have been a great help. Thanks heaps to both!

And of course…my ultimate goal is to run Linux on the iPAQ directly. However, the HP 1945 is quite new, and there’s not much going on right now WRT it. I’m not at all in the ‘port Linux to new platform’ leagues, so I think I’ll wait for others to at least get things started. S’ok…I’ve got plenty to play with.

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