Well, I don’t know whether to say ‘Excellent!’ or ‘Doh!’. *grin* I am in the process of writing 3 GUI frontends for the same little project backend, part of an effort to see which python GUI toolkit I like the best. Choices are anygui , wax , and Mojoview/pyGTK2 .

So far…I’m liking wax a lot. Mojoview is pretty specialized (domain-specific), but in reviewing it, I’ve discovered the pyGTK has indeed been ported and runs successfully on WinX, which I wasn’t aware of. (Not sure about OS X support).

anygui is really interesting…being a meta-gui and all. It’s designed to be backend-agnostic; you write to anygui, it renders with what it can find. VERY cool concept. Unfortunately, first go-round I was very unimpressed, after initial coolness. Some VERY simple layout/packing stuff seemed to be broken; broken enough that it was requiring me to layout all objects manually, which blows.

I had, in fact, given up on the package…when I realized that the layout WAS working after all! I had thought my objects were missing b/c they were being rendered underneath others…turns out the wrapper frames I was using default to being so large that my other objects were disappearing off screen! (No scrollbars by default, so there was no hint at what was occurring). So I’m glad…anygui is back in the hunt…but a little ashamed that I didn’t figure it out sooner. Ooopsie!!

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