We start out with a discussion…well, before Battle and Brew, I rant about the Mad At Dad Deathpool. I’m screwed, but it’s my own fault. Refocus…I discuss our evening at Battle and Brew, and hand my mike over to my lovely wife Charlotte to discuss her Hearthstone games, when she hijacks the podcast to accuse me of tricking her into a Pokemon Go addiction. Which I kinda did. *grin* Tonight, we had dinner at Fado’s, a local Irish pub, and searched the streets of Atlanta for rare Pokemon.

Oh yeah, and Charlotte decided to join the Dog Days!!! WOOT!!!!


Mad At Dad Deathpool: https://www.dougstanhopescelebritydeathpool.com/Director/Home?viewingId=1982
Battle & Brew: http://www.battleandbrew.com/
Fado: http://www.fadoirishpub.com/atlanta/
Charlotte’s Web: http://charlottekennedy.xyz/

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