Update: 6/8/2016 — Criminy! I let another 6 weeks pass!! I’m putting this thing up now, without any further comment. I actually have another one that I recorded near the end of April; I’m going to try and get that saved and publish it tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Update: 4/26/2016 — This baby has been in the can for almost a month! I decided at the last minute today to just knock up a draft for it on the mobile WP app while eating lunch! In this case, I do at least remember the topic…the cook-it-yourself food delivery service Blue Apron. (which I have since stopped my subscription on, but I still recommend!)


Thomas Gideon’s “Of a Peculiar Character” podcast
Blue Apron
My first Blue Apron dish — Apple and Blue Cheese Panzanella Salad

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