Wow. Working towards enabling POSSE (Publish Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) is…um…fun. I’m moving slowly forward, getting syndication working manually, trying to get things to work properly without intervention. Hasn’t happened yet; I can manually repost most blogposts (potentially including this one) and get them to post to FB and G+, but auto-posting isn’t working yet. AFAICT, it’s something to do with the builtin WP-Cron. In other words, now I have two problems…*sigh*.

Also having issues with (the synchronization of replies and likes etc. back to my site), but that’s actually working fairly well. I’m not mad; this entire process is complicated, fidgety, and pretty brittle. It’s interesting to work through this entire thing, and I expect that we’ll resolve these issues eventually. It’s kinda fun!

4 thoughts on “POSSE,, SNAP, and such…

  1. The brittleness compounds frustration. Since you waste timing “fixing” stuff that wasn’t broken, and break it yourself, then fix again and it works for awhile.

  2. Indeed. In fact, I didn’t see this very comment of yours for a month…the pull from FB was broken in POSSE for a few months because of a FB API change. A few days back, something got updated, and suddenly your comment showed up on my site for moderation. That’s great…but boy, frustrating!

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