A tough discussion today; our pet rat Twizzler is getting close to the end of her life. I talk about pets, pet rats, Twizzler in particular, and the my thoughts on the responsibilities we have as pet owners to make sure she maintains good quality of life through the end of it. A podcast I wish I didn’t have to do, but it’s just about time.

Dog Days of Podcasting

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One thought on “KAZ: Episode 40

  1. Ken, this is a wonderful and heartfelt podcast! Twizzler has a pure and precious soul! She is sweet and stubborn and silly and precious and a bit of a drama queen! She has been very strong and tenacious because she loves life and her people (you and me)! Not to mention……cheese, honey nut cheerios, bacon, grapes, apples, etc! She has fought very hard, but is tired. We will get through tomorrow, because she needs us to! However, it will indeed be a long day!:(

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