I talk as I travel today…driving back to Atlanta. I discuss my family, my summer SiriusXM trial, pro sports preferences, and some work I’m doing to add an intro and/or outro to the ‘cast.

(Update: I should have listened to this before posting…the car noise is much louder here; I must have been too far from the mike for some reason. I’m trying to fix “in post” [ie, by mucking around a bit at the Auphonic website]. Fingers crossed).

(Update 2: No joy, really. I may continue to fiddle with it, but for now, my tweaks haven’t resulted in much. If I come up with something better, I’ll replace the audio file and that point and save my future subscribers some pain…)


Dog Days of Podcasting
Evil Genius Chronicles
The music of Paul Fidalgo (to be used with permission!)

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