Holy revived podcast, Batman! Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone has *returned*! With only a slightly over 4 year hiatus! Thanks to Dave Slusher and the Dog Days of Podcasting for the inspiration!


Dave Slusher — Evil Genius Chronicles
Dog Days of Podcasting
Dragon*Con (insanely cool sf and popular culture convention)
Auphonic (audio post production web service for podcasts)

(Note: after I had finished the episode, I determined that blip.tv no longer allows audio-only uploads. I’m going to have to move my entire podcast archive from there to another site, and redirect everything. But I’m not going to worry about it until after Dragon*Con and the Dog Days of Podcasting…for now, my RSS feed redirect will have only the new episodes: http://kenzoid.com/podcast.rss. We’ll straighten things out after Dragon*Con.)

Episode links: direct MP3 download link

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