I’m in shock…Peter Watts, one of my absolute favorite sci-fi authors, an unfailingly nice guy, and someone I’d count as an online pal, was arrested at the US border returning to Canada earlier this week (Peter is Canadian). He’s commented on his own blog as well now, and other sf authors have picked up the story.

While we don’t know the details from every perspective, I’m certainly in the camp of those that believe that Peter is innocent of the charge that’s been made. Last I checked, we did the innocent until proven guilty thing in these parts. Regardless, this will be EXPENSIVE. I’ve already dropped some money in the legal defense fund (which is currently being organized ad-hoc on his backlist page until something more concrete is set up). I’d suggest all of you do the same.

Peter’s an amazing author, a stand-up guy, a well-spoken defender of liberty, freedom, and science…and a bit of a cranky soul. Which means we’re a lot alike, except he’s a much, much better writer. *grin* This sort of thing can happen to practically anyone nowadays…we’ve lost our way, for the sake of security. I hope things get straightened out, and in the meantime, please let us know if we can do anything at all, Peter!!

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