Sheesh…time flies. It’s already almost January 3rd, and I’ve not posted to my own blog since December 18th! And I’m actually very interested in getting my thoughts down more consistently and in a more organized fashion this year. All too often, I either never manage to develop a thought into any sort of post at all, or at best, dump a micropost style message out (via Friendfeed or Or if it’s too long for those, it often ends up in a comment thread elsewhere. Which I certainly don’t mind doing, but I need to make sure I bring stuff back home as well!

I’m definitely going to be playing around with the lifebits concept this year, using varying services but syndicating the content through my personal namespace ( I look forward to letting some ideas that have been knocking around in my head out; who knows what might work out? *grin*

Happy New Year, all!

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