I’m not good at moderation. It took me until about the age of 30 to really internalize that lesson, but since I have, I’ve been a happier person. Nothing earth-shatteringly different with my life, but I tend to be a little better focused.

Except when I’m not, of course. *grin* I’m not a hugely obsessive gamer, but I’ve had my share: Doom (back on the Atari Jaguar!), Warcraft (the original RTS), SimCity (long ago), Second Life (for awhile, years back), Team Fortress (both Classic and 2), WoW (for a while in the beginning), etc. And I have to admit, Fallout 3 has the potential to do that; I’m really digging it. To the point that it’s affecting my other hobbies, including a coding project that I’m working on for the Android platform. I simply can’t dig in for the deep dive that I need to push this project into high gear while I have Fallout in the back of my head, calling me…

So I decided about a week ago that I’m going to give up gaming cold turkey for awhile. I’ve learned it’s the best and easiest way for me to focus properly. So for now, no gaming until the end of January, or my Android project is done (v.1 at least), whichever comes first. Luckily, I enjoy coding as much as I do gaming, so this is less a hardship than a choice of hobby time allotment. Wish me luck!

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