Finally getting around to implementing linkback functionality for my links…for links in new posts, I’ll test pingback, stop there if it works, and try trackback if pingback isn’t enabled. Thanks to Teli Adlam for a very clear tutorial on linkback (esp. ettiquette), and an URL to test against without being considered evil. Also to Mathieu Fenniak and Matt Croydon for the pingback and trackback libraries I’m using, respectively.

I’ll make my home-grown script available once…well, it’s completely working. *grin* Also a good opportunity to resurrect my source repository, in which I’m now using mercurial rather than subversion. Distributed version control rocks, folks. I’ll never go back to anything else (where I have a choice). I love me some subversion, don’t get me wrong…but mercurial makes version control even better.

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