Just a quick note (it’s a hectic week)…I am very interested in Google App Engine, and I think it’s a intriguing addition to the big name cloud computing services like Amazon’s AWS suite and Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Services. Google’s entry here slants a little differently; it is less decoupled than AWS…more take-the-whole-thing approach than the S3, SQS, EC2 etc. options that Amazon provides for various tasks. So you have to like Google’s choices…luckily, they picked Python, with a side of Django, so I’m in good shape. Basically my web development platform choices, sucked up into the Googleplex, and backed by BigTable and GFS. Hell yeah!

So….I’m on the waiting list, and planning on downloading the SDK while I wait. I’m in the process of building a new Django-backed app right now, and I may very well port this thing over, and see how she flies…

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