Thanks, and keep up the hard work: ’03 U.S. Memo Approved Harsh InterrogationsThe thrust of Mr. Yoo’s brief has long been known, but its specific contents were revealed on Tuesday after government lawyers turned it over to the American Civil Liberties Union, which has sought hundreds of documents from the Bush administration under the Freedom of Information Act.

Nothing particularly surprising here, but that’s the sad part, really. We’ve known for a long time how screwed up we let things get in our zeal to fight the Global War on Nouns…but it’s still disheartening to read the actual flimsy justification behind this. How small we were; how small we are. We’ll answer to history, as always. Go out and buy John Adams on DVD, folks, ’cause the documentaries made about our statesmen from this period aren’t going to be quite as inspriing.

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