Interesting! Amie Street provides a RSS feed of my music purchases that I can share. Sounds like a good idea! I just bought Sick of Being Stoned today, and it friggin’ rocks.

My Amie Street purchases RSS feed (link removed, see UPDATE 3 below)

And, what the hell, the player for Sick of Being Stoned

UPDATE: I edited the RSS feed link above; trying again. It appeared to act strangely (WAY too many results) in Google Reader. If it did the same for you, try dropping it and re-add the edited one. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to their Amie Street spotlight page for this link: LOLCat video for Sick of Being Stoned. Excellent!!

UPDATE 3: After watching Google Reader wig out on this feed twice, I’m removing the link for now. Something is being constantly updated, metadata-wise, and the feed isn’t working as intended. I’m going to touch base w/ Amie Street on it…they’ve been very open to suggestions and willing to communicate on things in the past. I think a feed of my purchases would be a great idea, and I’m sure they’d like it to work as expected. Hopefully I’ll have good news soon.

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