Wow…I mean, I’ve always found the notion of papal infallibility cool and all (well, ok, Coke-through-the-nose funny, really…but cool sounds better), but it’s got NOTHIN’ on the President. Secrecy News links to the text of a recent Congressional floor statement where Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) described the contents of three Office of Legal Council opinions that he had been able to review. Among the gems:

  • An Executive order cannot limit a President. There is no
    constitutional requirement for a President to issue a new
    Executive order whenever he wishes to depart from the terms
    of a previous Executive order. Rather than violate an
    Executive order, the President has instead modified or waived
  • The President, exercising his constitutional authority
    under article II, can determine whether an action is a lawful
    exercise of the President’s authority under article II.

Awesome! It’s like superpowers!!

PS: Yes, all my Catholic compadres, I am aware of (at least generally) the nuances of papal infallibility. I was fascinated with it at one point in time, and spent some time researching the subject. Fun stuff.

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