FINALLY! Since the first time I read Charle Stross‘s Accelerando, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of the exocortex: an external information processing system that augments the brain’s biological high-level cognitive processes. It’s something that can be identified in it’s infancy today by tools like PDAs, smartphones, and now even the cloud datastores like, 30boxes, and GoogleReader. But this is just the merest beginning; the ideas in books like Accelerando literally boggle the mind.

My first online pass at an exocortex (I’ve got other, handheld devices in the mix as well). It’s…ok, it’s a wiki. *grin* Big deal, right? Well, I hope that over time, I can use this site to really bootstrap some true external processing and information management; there are actually pretty robust and widespread tools that can munge wiki data. Wikis do have an advantage; for all their adhocness, the way that they are written to is very standard, and their markup language is well known and supported by toolkits. I think a wiki is actually a pretty good basis for an exocortex-like datastore. Let’s see how it goes!

Note: Almost 100% of my exocortex is world-readable, and I’ll probably set up some sort of comment facility. Worst case, just leave a comment here…feel free to chat with me about the concept or the data.

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