Wow…I’ve gotten a little wonky this week (my wife is out of town…I often descend to deep coding, policy analysis, or Team Fortress. LOL), and I’m finding all this great stuff! First I downloaded Miro, and I’m doing some political study, prepping for the primaries. Found several good feeds to peruse. At one point, I had some economics questions (I’m an semi-educated layman at best on the topic), and went link-spelunking. After a bit, I remembered a reference Jon Udell had made to one of the online resources for podcasts of college classes. Maybe I could listen to a course? That might help. I was thinking he had been talking about Harvard for some reason, but I tracked down a posting, and realized it was UC Berkeley.

Holy smokes, what a motherload!! I don’t even know where to start. I think I’m going to grab the podcast IAS 180 Issues in Foreign Policy after 911 for starters, but I’m sure that will be nowhere near the last one. Awesome!

Thanks to Jon for pointing me in the right direction, UC Berkeley for such a generous resource, and Miro for a great app!

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