iPod Touch looks nice…for someone who doesn’t mind the Apple lock-in, it looks like a pretty sweet and cheaper alternative to the iPhone (though the cheaper cost on that will help too). I want a different toy, though…or rather, I want one I already have fixed

See, I got a Zune for free at a conference I attended..and I haven’t spent more than an hour with the thing since I got it months ago. And most of that was just setting it up and seeing how bad it sucked. Because it sucks….at least mine’s not poop brown, though. *grin*

It sucks, and that sucks, because it’s nice hardware. When the Zune first dropped, there was scuttlebutt on a Linux install via hack…but AFAIK, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Can you imagine how cool that would be? A 30GB wifi-enabled portable storage and sharing device; adhoc AP access to let me store and access data, share music, and automated syncing to the cloud when a hot spot was available. Suh-weet! And for me, cheap…since I already have one. In a closet, I think. Somewhere.

I hack a lot of things, but closed hardware isn’t one of my fortes. Somebody, hack my Zune!

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