Amie Street’s email recommendations are actually useful…who’da thunk? They’re getting some traction, apparently, as they have Sarah McLachlan and BB King recordings linked from that email (both of whom I like). But I actually bought another artist, Nemesea. I freely admit I have unsophisticated music tastes, but one of my preferred genres is kinda light Gothish stuff, which Nemesea does well. The lead singer has a strong voice that reminds me a bit of Amy Lee from Evanescence. Bought the album; the song below in particular kicks ass.

UPDATE: Sweet…Nemesea is actually a success story from Sellaband, which provides a marketplace for bands to shares to raise money to produce their record, and then profits are split between Believers (that own shares), the band, and Sellaband. Great concept; it’s been floated before, for both music and books, but I wasn’t aware that it had been successful for musicians other than major names.

Plus, you can actually get 3 songs from the album free at the band’s Sellaband store, and the other MP3s are only $0.50 each!

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