I’ve started watching and listening to more shows off of FORA.tv, and a recent program that I really enjoyed was The Future of Music: Digital Rights or Wrongs?. I enjoy these sorts of debates, and this program really highlights the various camps. One speaker, Ted Cohen, is a former industry exec, and exhibits much of the classic industry denial and fear. Another, Lee Shupp, is an artist and ethnographic futurist who shows a clear sense of the changes that have overtaken the industry. And Gerd Leonhard sounds like a true visionary, showing a deep understanding of the fact that the rules are different, that non-rivalrous goods work by different economic rules, and that music in particular has a special place in people’s minds. Good stuff!

FORA.tv has a lot of great content, including technical events, politics, arts, and more. you can watch online, or download both video and audio versions of the programs (I don’t know if downloadable content is available for every program). If I can find a way to set up an RSS feed of stuff I like, I’ll be golden.

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