Just some links to some essays and podcasts I’ve found particularly good recently. Cameron Reilly at G’day World has been kicking out some outstanding interviews recently, including the following:

Couple of other links:

excellent rationalist/humanist podcast called Point of Inquiry had a particularly good recent episode. It’s an interview with R. Joseph Hoffman
about the Jesus Project…a new project involving scholars from many
disciplines that is trying to determine the likelihood of Jesus of
Nazareth having ever existed. Excellent interview. ( podcast )

From the writings list at Eli Yudkowsky’s website, I downloaded
and have started reading Artifical Intelligence and Global
. It’s a chapter for a book on global risk, and definitely recommended.

And for a complete change of pace, check out Steam Brigade at Manifesto Games (heck, almost everything I try from Manifesto rocks). I’m still playing the Steam Brigage demo, but I’m heading over to buy it tonight or tomorrow. It’s quite a cool little game.

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