Bush commutes Libby’s prison sentence — Wow. I’ll comment more later, after I do some more reading. But I honestly did not expect Bush to do anything here. And the commutation appears to be particularly interesting…it’s rare. My first thoughts are that he looked at it as see, it’s not like I granted him a pardon; relax! But my initial reaction is…what? You acknowledge he’s guilty, you just didn’t like that he was actually being punished?? Hmm…actually, kinda par for the course now that I think about it. But really…wow. More later.

UPDATE: Oh, and a quick response to the hey, being a felon affects his ability to be a lawyer, yada yada, argument. Puh-LEEZ. I mean, really…c’mon. This sumbitch isn’t going to do anything the rest of his life but write books, give speeches to conservative organizations for beaucoup bucks, and groove the political talking head scene. Hell…the felony hanging around is probably a positive from that standpoint; it makes him a martyr. I am NOT impressed with that argument; please keep it to yourself if you don’t want me to take off the rhetorical kid gloves. *grin* But I welcome comments from the peanut gallery!

UPDATE: After re-reading a couple of times, I realize I didn’t make this clear; my first reaction when seeing this was to laugh out loud. Just the thing to do, I guess. Not that I think it’s funny; it’s insane, but it’s hardly the most outrageous or maddening thing this administration has done. It’s just out in the open; bold. The man is bold, I’ll give him that. *sigh*

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