I’ve been poking about on Amie Street again recently, because I really like their model; music starts out free, and the price rises as it’s popularity does (to a max of 98 cents per track), and the artist gets 70%. Makes it easy to try things out. And MP3s only, so no DRM issues.

So I just bumped into an artist I kinda dig, so I think I’m going to actually try throwing their flash player thingie up here! It’s for Paul Fidalgo and the Conflict of Interest…kind of reminds me of Jonathan Coulton (another awesome Net artist if you’re not familiar). So here goes nothing…the song is he Immediacy of Now (Robot Curiosity Remix), and I’m quite liking it. I went ahead and bought his entire Amie Street collection: 18 songs for I think 2 bucks. Hard to beat.

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