I’m hardly on the cutting edge with this anymore, but after forgetting about it for several weeks, I’ve gotten around to watching Infest Wisely, and it’s great. An episode a week, and four are available now. It’s…weird. And interesting. And part of the future of media. Thanks to Peter Watts for the reminder to go back and check it out.

UPDATE: An elaboration. I realize this isn’t great in the absolute sense; in comparisons to Heroes, Battlestar Galactica or even old school like X-Files, it’ll be found wanting in both complexity and production values. But it’s great in two ways. First off, they’re playing with concepts that not a lot of people are, and that’s always good. The medium makes it so easy. And more importantly, it’s being made for probably a thousandth or less the cost of the aforementioned shows, and distributed for effectively nothing. The fact that it CAN be made and seen at all is the really great part.

(Oh, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like the story, I do. *sigh* Explanations within explanations…)

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