I love the Internet. I love instant access information, I love hyperlinks, I love collaborative knowledge collections (for all their faults) like Wikipedia, and media sharing sites like Flickr and The Podcast Network. It’s so easy to get so lost, and have so much fun.

Example of the day. I get an email from a friend about the whole James Cameron finds Jesus thing (which I hadn’t even heard about. Apparently, he’s pulling a Hiraldo opens the tomb thing tomorrow. Should be a great show! Note: I realize he’s not actually going to open the coffins…I was joking there.) So anyway…sounds interesting. Clickfest time. Cameron…yeah, I like Terminator and all, but where’d he come up with THIS? Ah…the director, Simcha Jacobovici. That sounds Google-able. Yep…a wikipedia entry. Interesting stuff. Also, a link to another site on biblical studies points out there are already a couple of books out on this tomb. Cool! One is excerpted on the ABC News website.

Read through that…let’s see. Kinda neat…but what about this author? He certainly has some academic creds (chair of religious studies at UNC-Charlotte), but you never know. Google…wiki…rustle. OK, he’s listed at UNCC’s list of notable faculty. That’s a start. But hey…look who ELSE is! Frank Dux, founder of an amalgamated martial art form with the acronym FASST, also called Dux Ryu Ninjutsu. That’s a link you gotta click, you know? *grin*

Ooohhhkay. He’s crazy cool. A little controversial, sure…some disputed claims about being a CIA wetwork guy and such. Yeah, isn’t it always the way…hey! He claimed to have fought and won an underground, no-holds-barred tournament named ‘Kumite’, and he’s flat out legitimately the inspiration for Jean Claude Van Damme’s character in Bloodsport. As in, the character is named Frank Dux. w00t! We’re in clickfest bonus now; forget Kevin Bacon…all roads lead to Van Damme, and some of the cheesiest movies EVER. And my cheesy movie queue is low right now…let’s put all this historicity of JC on hold, and check out JCVD!

So what’s old Jean-Claude been up to? Huh…it seems his movie The Quest (holy frack, it had Roger Moore in it! Why didn’t I see this film?) was loosely based on a script by our new buddy Frank Dux. Reading the reviews on that point me to The Order…but there are 2 movies by that name recently. One in 2001 by Van Damme, and one in 2003. Netflix? Sure, they’ve got ’em…and hey, the 2003 one is interesting. It involves the mysterious death of a priest (always mysterious), the subsequent investigation, and the ultimate discovery of a sin-eater. As in a person who, through ritual means, would take on by means of food and drink the sins of a deceased person, thus absolving his or her soul and allowing that person to rest in peace. (considered Christian heresy, natch)

So, ALL the way back around to more biblical heresy, with a stop at JCVD along the way. Good enough for me, folks! I’m sold. The Order (2003) and The Quest go in the Neflix queue, and you get a glimpse into the mind of Ken. Which is scarier, I’m not sure…

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