I’ve been light on reading list updates recently, but it’s b/c I’m finally catching up on Battlestar Galactica. I accidentally deleted several of the episodes just before the season ender, so I had to wait for them to get rescheduled in order to Myth ’em again. Worth the wait…I’m almost caught up (starting “Collaborators tomorrow on the train to work), and it’s good stuff. There’s not much on TV that I’m watching right now, but BG definitely makes the cut.

When I do have time, I am re-reading Schismatrix (Bruce Sterling) right now, b/c I found a ecopy that I could put on my Nokia 770. It’s always good to have a least one book available, in case you’re out of podcasts, and in a wifi deadzone! Or in the mood to read. *grin*

I really wish I could get more good non-DRM’d fiction. If I could get etexts for the same price (or a bit cheaper…there’s no manufacturing costs, after all) as paper, I’d buy them that way. But what you can find is generally DRM’d to hell and back, or beyond crazy expensive, or both. Usually both. Which sucks. I troll Project Gutenburg, but I’m not always in the mood for 19th stuff! manybooks.net also has a decent selection, but again, mostly old, out of copyright stuff. (In fact, it’s mostly PG stuff with more formatting options, but there seems to be some other stuff as well). And Blackmask Online is your one-stop shop for the Shadow and Doc Savage, but they’ve been in litigation w/ Conde Nast (over copyright, natch), and don’t appear to be up right now. Bummer.

Fictionwise is the best place that I’m aware of for unencrypted, mulitformat ebook fiction. Dave Slusher has mentioned them multiple times, and it looks like they may be worth pursuing.

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