If you’re interested in politics, and don’t get factcheck.org’s emails regarding advertising, I heartily suggest you visit their site.

FactCheck.org was originally started to fact check info in the 2004 election, but they’ve stayed around, and they’re doing a great job dissecting misleading and downright deceitful advertising by both sides in this election cycle. As near as I can tell, they do a great job of being objective…they aren’t shy to take on either side.

I have little tolerance for politicians of any stripe (or anyone, really) that twist and distort the facts to make a false statement seem true, or misrepresent a situtation. Especially in as important a circumstance as an election. I commend the FactCheck folks for their hard work in trying to help let some sunshine in!

A couple of recent examples (I’m deliberately choosing one from each side here):

Plenty more good stuff where those came from.

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