Sheesh. Today was flat out bizarre…both in my personal space and in news-land. Personally, the day had it’s weirdness moments throughout, but the topper was when I was out running after I voted. I see this guy with one of those runner’s baby carriages. OK…seen plenty of those. But I’ve NEVER before seen someone let go of it while he’s running downhill! And I mean for 10-15 seconds at a time! Just running along beside it…and yes, there’s a baby in it! What if he stumbles, or the carriage hits a stone, or…whatever. What a bizarre dude! I just stared.

And regarding the news…I mean, what the hell? First off, it’s clear that religious fundamentalists have WAY too much power in our country:

*sigh* Aren’t there maybe some more important issues going on, guys? And then, of course, two days of our President bumbling his way through the G8 summit, caught “off guard” in a chat with Blair (while putting down some bread, I tell ya) and attempting to backrub (WTF?) another head of state…some days really are surreal.

UPDATE: good news…Ralph Reed concedes in the GA lieutenant governor race. I DO so love the vote in either primary system we have…I got to play anti-Reed.

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